Squid - white

This guitar has been built in the sense of a vintage strat, so this time the Squid comes along with a pickguard and with Single Coils instead of Humbucker pickups. Furthermore a Wilkinson Vintage Bridge has been installed, which can only be pushed to loosen the strings.

The Kinman Single Coils are much less sensitive to noise, and they sound at least as good as usual Single coils, maybe even better. Apart from that I installed a K7 Switch from Kinman which allows many different pickup switchings that are not possible with a usual circuit.

A very special aspect of that guitar are the carbon rods in the neck, which firstly make the neck very warp resistant and you get a better sustain while the attack of the guitar is the same as without the rods. Furthermore the guitar sounds very balanced all over the fretboard and does not have any deadspots.


Shape: Squid

Tuners: Schaller M6 locking

saddle: graph tech white

bridge: Wilkinson VSV

neck construction : multiple bolt-on with 5 screws and higher access

wood: one piece ash; birdseye maple neck and fretboard

finish: body and head white high gloss; neck and fretboard oiled and waxed

Pickups: Traditional Mk-II set with K7 switching

Price: 2100 Euro

Custom Flight Case, which suits to the shape of the Squid: 250 Euro

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