Squid - two-coloured blue

Here comes a new squid-shaped guitar with an extraordenary finish, a two-coloured blue tone. With its ash body and a neck made of the best quality birdseye-maple, it delivers a direct and clear sound with lots of hamonics. Supported by the nice Kinman Single Coils and the K9 switch for choosing different pickup configurations the sound can be tuned in all directions. Furthermore a Graph Tech Ghost System with Midi and Piezo functions is installed. With this system you can also mix the magnetic and piezo sounds. To improve the intonation of the guitar a special Earvana compensated nut is used on this guitar. All in all this is a very versatile guitar with complex electronics.


shape: Squid

tuners: 4/2 Schaller M6 locking

saddle: Earvana compensated nut

bridge: Wilkinson VS100 with graph tech piezos

neck construction : multiple bolt-on with 5 screws and higher access

wood: one piece ash body; birdseye maple neck and fretboard

finish: body and head two-coloured blue stained and satin gloss; neck and fretboard oiled and waxed

pickups: Kinman MK III Set with K9 switch

special electronics: Graph Tech Ghost Acousti-Phonic (Piezo) and Hexpander (Midi)