Qian - single coil model

This extraordinary guitar has been build by order of the customer and according to all his wishes.


The most obvious optical difference is the missing pickguard, which was omitted to enforce the amazing effects of the birdseye maple top. This top has been made of the same tree as the neck. The basic wood of the body is europeen ash, which has already been a good choice at the standard Qian.

After seeing and playing the Squid, the customer chose the exotic lemontree wood for the fretboard.This wood is almost as hard as ebony and simply looking amazing, consequently appropriate for the building of instruments.

Because of the ash-maple combination, the sound is very brilliant, which is even improved by the electric cicuit, so that one can get these typical Strat-Sounds and Tele Sounds. By playing the bridge humbucker you get a nice, full sound.With the gain in your amplification you get a great hardrock sound.


shape: Qian

tuners:Schaller M6 locking machines

saddle: Graph Tech Trem Nut

bridge: Wilkinson

neck construction :multiple bolt-on with 5 screws for higher access



body: european ash; one piece

birdseye maple top;

neck and head: birdseye maple; one piece

lemon tree fretboard

finish: high gloss - body and head; oil and wax - neck

dots: tahiti abalone


Seymour Duncan SH-4 Jeff Beck Bridge

Seymour Duncan Cool Rails Middle

Seymour Duncan Vintage Rails Neck



1. Volume (upper poti );

2. 5-way switch for different resonances (lower poti);

3. 5-way pichupselector




pichup switching: :

Each Pickup is serial for itself:

Position 1: bridge humbucker

Position 2: splitted bridge Pickup and middle Pickup parallel

Position 3: splitted bridge Pickup and neck Pickup parallel

Position 4: middle pickup and neck pickup parallel

Position 5: neck pickup

prize: 1800 Euro

more photos: