Qian7 - Burned

This is the new seven string Qian-model, Qian7. So Qian becomes more versatile. That´s the right thing for all, who are bored with 6 strings, or for the ones who want to play real hard riffs.

The burned Finish is handmade and afterwords coated with an oil and wax treatment. There is also the possibility to laquer the guitar.

Another new appearance is the head of the Qian7, it is a quite small head, because of the 5 left, 2 right tuner - position.

The Tremolo is custom made by ETS. Changing strings is as easy as on the Wilkinson. You can push und pull the tremolo.

Häussel Pickups are installed on this guitar, these Pickups are one of the best pickups I ever tested. Very punchy and very nice harmonics. You can find all other useful Qian Features on this guitar, like single coil sounds and the resonance switch.

The price of the Qian7 like this is 2150 Euro.

shape: Qian

tuners: 5L-2R Sperzel locking

nut: Graph Tech Trem Nut

bridge: custom made ETS sevenstring Tremolo

neck construction : multiple bolt-on with 5 screws and higher access

wood: korina, birdseye maple neck and fretboard

finish: burned. oil and wax

Pickups: Häussel

Potis: Volume(upper poti); 6-way switch for different sounds (lower poti); Eyb Megaswitch


Price: 2450 Euro

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