Squid - two coloured blue

Here I introduce a new Squid, which has a extraordanary two coloured finish. This guitar was produced with a lot of special features due to the wishes of a customer. Complex electronics provide a huge variety of sounds.




Qian - green burst

A new concept of the Qian was worked out with Mika Tyyskä. This yields a more versatile guitar with single coil sized humbucker and a new eyecatching look. We sure will hear more stuff on guitarshredshow soon.

Thanks to Rüdiger Jussen, who took all photos of this guitar.






Qian - silver metallic

This new Qian comes with a silver metallic finish and a modern character. High-output pickups from Bill Lawrence are installed and provide brachial sounds.

All photos were taken by the photographer Rüdiger Jussen. Thanks for the great pictures.






Qian - burned ash

The combination of burned ash and a precious ebony fretboard yields an extraordinary look. Because of the pickups with less output the sound is very balanced and appropriate for all kinds of Rock music.






SQUID - Vintage White

A new snowwhite Squid of a Vintage kind has been finished.The guitar yields all kinds of Single Coil Sounds because of the special switching modes..







Qian7 - Mr. Fastfinger´s new guitar...

This is the new seven string Qian-model, Qian7. So Qian becomes more versatile. That´s the right thing for all who are bored with 6 strings, or for the ones, who want to play real hard riffs.

Mr.Fastfinger will get his new guitar at the Music Fair 2008 in Frankfurt. We are looking forward to hear very nice new stuff with this monster of a guitar.







SQUID - quilted maple cajun red...

Another Squid has just been finished in time for the new year.

An exceptionel quilted maple top of highest quality stained in cajun red gives this guitar an impressive look.

The Sound is punchy, it makes the guitar a real hard rocker. Many detaills on this single piece will make the new owner very happy.






Awesome live performance by Mika Tyyskä with his Qian

- now on

Mr. Fastfinger - Mika Tyyskä - Part I

Mr. Fastfinger - Mika Tyyskä - Part II






Qian - Vintage Look

This new Qian is a real eye-catcher. Vintage Look and the modern style of Qian´s concept makes the guitar one of a kind.

Thanks again to Janosch Simon, who made those great photos of that guitar.




The next Qian - oil-wax finish

This time Qian comes with an oil wax finish, which I normally use for my necks. I made some trials to find out that this treatment works very well on ash, you get a nice surface. In any case this is an alternative way to finish a guitar, if you search for something natural.

You get all the Qian Sounds out of it, as it has the same Pickups, switches and electric circuit.





Another style of Qian - single coil model

I am proud to introduce a new variation of Qian.

First of all I used two single coil sized Humbucker instead of one neck Humbucker for this guitar to get even closer to a vintage tone.

As a contrast to this the guitar has a very noble look, this time without a pickguard, but with a varying selection of woods............. More...



SQUID - awoken...

After the long building process, finally Squid is ready... and it was worth waiting..

Being made of exotic and noble woods, like Buckeye Burl and Lemontree,this guitar is a real eyecatcher; the high gloss finish accomplishes the whole concept.

Concerning the sound, I spend a lot of attention on the versatility, so you can switch between both Humbucker and Single Coil Sounds. All together you can choose from 25 sounds, so there are sounds for every playing style.





Incredible Soundfiles of the QIAN are online

As you can see on the photo, Mr.Fastfinger and Mika Tyyskä are jamming a little bit. You can listen to some stuff of what they are playing with their new guitars here.





Photo-Session with Mr.Fastfinger´s QIAN

In the chinese "I GING", a book about religious thoughts of some old chinese guys, there is a word for the absolute meditative state of beeing, the word is "qian". It also has the meaning of creativety. As Mr.Fastfinger is in that meditative state of beeing while shredding, his new guitar will be called "QIAN".

Before giving the "Qian" to Mr.Fastfinger the german photographer Björn Gießbrecht made some awesome photos of it. Please have a look on his site to see his professional work.

Further information and photos of the "Qian" are here.

Thanks for that great photos of the "Qian" to Björn.




Finally I got a perfect logo...

As some of you might have noticed, I spent a lot of time on developing my logo, but the results never satisfied me. In context of our cooperation Mika Tyyskä of Electric Pyjamas designed a new logo for my site and the guitars´ head, which is absoutely perfect.

Thanks, Mika!


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